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The hectic world that we live in pushes away from a balanced healthy life. We look to address this by providing products that help bring us back to our harmonious center.

Return to the Original Source for Holistic Health

There was a time when Indigenous people lived in harmony with their surroundings. These noble people knew how to use what nature provided to cure physical ailments. They understood the dealings of the mind and the complexities of mental health. They valued being centered to nature, and lived their lives with great respect for Mother earth. They showed appreciation for their fellow man in family and tribe.

The life balance of these indigenous people was manifest in the Medicine wheel. The wheel influenced how Aboriginal people viewed the world. It showed them how life evolves, how the natural world grows and works together, and how all things are connected. The native people viewed their lives in terms of Mind, Spirit, Body and Emotion, and at the center was the self.

It is with these beliefs that Turtle Island looks to bring holistic solutions to what ails our world and people.

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