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For thousands of years the native peoples of North America have lived in harmony with their surroundings. These noble people established principles around spiritual gratitude, emotional strength, physical wellbeing and strong mental health. They recognized the importance of being centered with nature. They understood the importance of tribe and family. They practiced good medicine and healing for both physical and mental ailments.

It is with those principles that Turtle Island was built. Our goal is to leverage the wisdom of ancient tribes and bring physical and mental healing to today’s disunited world.

Indigenous Owned, Operated and Guided

Reconnecting to a Beautiful Past

First Contact brought with it an attack on Indigenous people and their way of life. Food sources that healed and nourished The People were strategically destroyed. Language, cultural and tribal wisdom were outlawed. The tribes of North America were slotted for genocide.

The ways of the Indigenous People were seemingly lost to time. Fortunately, there have been those who kept the ways of the past alive. These wise men and women continued to live as their ancestors did. They passed down that knowledge from generation to generation.

It is with that knowledge that Turtle Island attempts to reach out to a world that sorely needs to connect back to Mother Earth. We also want to help Indigenous people in every community reclaim what is rightfully theirs. We want to help our people feel the pride of their past and improve their lives today.

The secrets to a fuller and healthier life have always been with the Native peoples. It is what that foundation that Turtle Island was created. There are times when going back is actually moving forward.

Symbolism Of Our Brand

In creating the Turtle Island brand we looked to the cultural symbols of the Anishinaabe people of Northern Ontario. With great reverence we crafted our brand to reflect the past oral history of a race of people that lived in harmony with their planet and with each other.

Core Principles

Turtle Island believes in strengthening Indigenous communities. We support Native economies and look to assist in generating funds to help these communities prosper.

We support healthy Native communities. We shed light on Native teachings that create spiritual and physical wealth. What was once lost can come back and serve our growth.

First Nations
Inherent Rights

First Nations Inherent rights is a two fold reality. Spiritually, inherent rights are rights bestowed upon First Nations people by the Creator who placed them on Turtle Island and provided them with instruction on how to live. The Creator’s instruction formed the basis of the traditional knowledge, culture, traditions and oral traditions that have directed First Nations ever since.

Secondly, First Nation inherent rights, holds that our people have the right to their distinctive society. This right was exercised prior to and continuously up to first contact with Europeans. These rights predate any Country formed after first contact.

Under Section 35 of the
Canadian Constitution Act, 1982

Elders Approval

In all our efforts we strive to achieve the approval of our Elders who are respected individuals that play key roles in Indigenous communities.

They are important knowledge keepers, and they also help to ensure cultural continuity. As living connections to the past, Elders serve as teachers, healers, advisors and counselors.

Turtle Island strives to oer teachings and products that are in line spirituality and traditionally with the teachings and way of life of our Elders.