Every Child's Inherent Right

Student Nutrition Program

Canada is the only G7 country without a national school food program, ranking 37th out of the world’s 41 wealthiest countries when it comes to feeding schoolchildren, according to a 2017 UNICEF study. That is further compounded within Indigenous communities where healthy nutritious food is not always readily available..

Let’s transform and reclaim local indigenous food systems, from combating hunger, increasing access to healthy and traditional foods, enhancing school children health.

Turtle Island is promoting a healthy food revolution and building and maintaining sustainable food supplies that improve health, strengthen food security, and teach a healthy diet for Native children and their families.

two aboriginal kids with a bike


In collaboration with our local and national partners, we deliver healthy foods and nutrition education to First Nations schools with the aim of creating long-lasting improvements and better health for all.

Nutrition Program

We work with local partners to fund school breakfast, lunch and snack programs in First Nations communities to ensure that children receive healthy, nutritious meals during the school day.


We work with First Nations schools, teachers, Elders and leaders to build healthy, culturally-appropriate and sustainable food and nutrition practices that are owned by the entire community.

Let's Do Better

Turtle Island Health and wellness believe the key to natural  better-health and wholistic wellness lies within a connection to mother earth and plant based traditional knowledge and education.

Help Us
Help Our Children

Turtle Island is always looking for like minded individuals and corporations to join our cause. If you and your organization are interested in helping with food or monetary donations please let us know.